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    You can contact Neil DeMarco by clicking 'Contact' above. You should also read our latest contribution by clicking on the story of one Chesham man's war in the Written Memories

    Chesham Grammar (formerly High) School history department began undertaking a long-term project to archive as much primary and secondary material as possible about life in Chesham during the war. To this effect, the department interviewed local residents who have memories of life in Chesham during the war. These interviews were conducted by the pupils on digital video tape and then made available to Chesham Museum as a digital archive and local history resource for further study.

    Our first contributors were Mrs. Kath Dolling and Mrs. Deidre Britten. You can find out more about them and our other contributors by clicking on the "Contributors" link on the left.

    Currently, there is material in the sections on Evacuees, Enemy Action, Food and Diet, PoWs, Chesham's ARP, and the Americans.

    Itís hoped that local people, and those who have moved away, will be able to add further memories and anecdotes from the period.

    In July, 2008 Chesham Grammar School began its second wave of interviews. Click on 'Interviews 2008' on the left here to see details of the interviews and their interviews. A third tranche of interviews took place in late 2009.

    As the number of those with first-hand experience of the war inevitably declines, it is vital that we record as much of it as we can for future generations. If you can help with personal memories, press-cuttings, letters, and photographs of life in Chesham, like the one in the ARP section, and the local area which we can copy and then reproduce on the website, please get in touch. Several current and former Chesham residents have done this already and their stories are to be found by clicking on 'Written Memories' on the left here. Please click on the email 'Contact' link at the top.

    Neil DeMarco, formerly Head of History at Chesham Grammar School. This website is now maintained by me, independently of the school.

    Also, click on this link if you want to read about George Payne, a Chesham soldier of the Great War

    George Payne